Citizen Charter



A - For information to all

  1. Manufacture or produce any excisable article.
  2. Bottle any liquor.
  3. Tap any tree for toddy.
  4. Extract any juice from any tree or cashew fruit.
  5. Use, keep or have in possession any material, still, utensil, implement or apparatus for the purpose of manufacturing of any excisable article.
  6. Construct or work any distillery, brewery or pot still.
  7. Have any transactions in liquor in any form.
  8. Posses in excess of 12 qts. Bottles of IMFL, 24 qts Bottles of beer, 18 qts. Bottles of country liqour, 6 qts. Bottles of denatured spirit and  qts. bottles of Rectified spirit.
  9. Transport in excess of 12 qts. Bottles of IMFL, 24 qts. Bottles of beer, 12 qts bottles of country liquor, 6 qts bottles of denatured spirit and 2 qts bottles of Rectified Spirit or Absolute Alcohol.



B - For information of licensee

  1. Import and export excisable article without authority permit.
  2. Transport excisable articles in excess of quantity prescribed by the Government without authority of permit.
  3. Remove excisable article from bonded warehouse, distillery, brewery or winery unless duty payable is paid.
  4. Make publication of advertisement of liquor in any form.
  5. Contravene any provisions of the Act and the Rules made there under.
  6. Sell liquor to any person apparently under the age of 21 years of unsound mind.
  7. Trade in contraband excisable article and duplicate liquor.
  8. Purchase liquor with labels without batch number and date of manufacture.



C -  Any difficulty then approach to the nearest Excise Station, for clarification


D - Authority of redressal of grievances

Any grievances on any account, the party shall contact the below mentioned Officer:

  1. Shri P.S Reddy, Commissioner of Excise, Old High Court Building,
    Tel Nos. 2428333 (Office) 
  2. Shri Sanjeev C. G. Dessai,
    Assistant Commissioner of Excise - I
    Old High Court Building,
    Tel Nos. 6642955(Office)
  3. Smt. Deepali Naik, Asst. Commissioner of Excise - II,
    Old High Court Building,
    Panaji Goa.
    Tel Nos. 2425561(Office)