Citizen Charter

Import/Export/Transport/Possession of Excisable Articles Procedures


  1. 1. Wholesale dealer or manufacturer are entitled to import and export excisable article.
  2. 2. Wholesaler/manufacturer shall present the applications in Form E-1 and E-3 to the Commissioner of Excise through the Excise Inspectors in charge of the Talukas and the manufacturing units.




  1. Any licensed vendor of liquor/manufacturer can apply for transport permit to the Excise Inspector incharge of Taluka or Excise Inspector of manufacturing units.
  2. Any person who is intending to purchase duty paid excisable articles from wholesale vendor in the quantity more than prescribed limits for transport and possession too. Such person may request the wholesale dealers for transport permits before transporting excisable articles form the place of purchase to his residential premises.
  3. Any Tourists or any person who is intending to carry liquor bottles for his/her personal consumption while leaving Goa State, may obtain transport permits from authorized dealers or from the Office of the Commissioner of Excise on payment of permit fee of Rs.10/- per permit.




  1. Any educational Institution Industrial Unit/manufacturing unit other than manufacturer of excisable articles can possess alcohol/rectified spirit on possession permit granted by the Asstt. Commissioner of Excise by providing bonafide use of alcohol.
  2. Any person who is intending to possess excisable article more prescribed limits can posses s only after obtaining possession permit from the Asstt. Commissioner of Excise on an application justifying the purpose for which the excisable articles are to be consumed.




Any licensed manufacturer/dealer in liquors who are intending to procure raw material such as alcohol / molasses / R.S / E.N.A./ Foreign Liquor from Customs Warehouse, such persons shall apply to the Commissioner of Excise for no objection certificate to transport/import excisable articles including molasses.




  1. Any person desiring to manufacture Medicinal and Toilet preparations from Food and Drugs Administration under cosmetic and Drugs Act 1940.
  2. Such person who are holding licence under Drugs and Cosmetic and Drugs Act 1940 should apply to the Commissioner of Excise under Rule 83 of M and TP (Rules 1956) for a licence in a prescribed form A- L-1 duly filled in all the particulars appended thereto.
  3. Such application should be accompanied with the following documents: Site and elevation plans of the manufactory building showing the location of the different rooms therein with the doors and windows.

Additional information are to be furnished as under:

  1. The name or names, and the address or addresses of the person or persons applying; of the applicant is a firm, the name and address of every partner of the firm, and if a company, the registered name and address thereof; the names of the Directors, Manager and Managing Agents, and if there is a Managing directors, the name of the Director.
  2. The amount of capital proposed to be invested in the venture;
  3. The name of the place, and the site on which the building or buildings housing the bonded or non-bonded manufactory is/are situated or to be constructed.
  4. The approximate date from which the applicant desires to commence working the manufactory in case the requried licence is granted.
  5. The number and full description of the vats, stills and other permanent apparatus and machinery which the applicant wished to set up or work.
  6. The maximum quantities in London Proof Litres of alcohol and alcohol content in unfinished and finished preparations and the maximum quantities by weight of opium, Indian hemp or other narcotic drugs and their content in unfinished and finished preparations, which are likely to remain in the manufactory at one time.
  7. Whether the proposed bonded manufactory will require the service of whole time or part time Excise Officer.
  8. The kind and number of each licence under these (Druga and Cosmetics Act 1940 (23 of 1940) held by the applicant; and
  9. A list of all prepartions which the licensee proposes to manufacture in his manufactory showing the percentage or proportion of alcohol in terms of London Proof Litres contained in each preparation containing alcohol, or of opium, Indian hemp or other narcotic drug or a narotic, in terms of weight in preparation containing those substances, quoting the authority (pharmacopeia) under which such preparation are proposed to be manufactured.