Citizen Charter


The below mentioned licences/permits are issued:

  1. to establish a distillery/brewery/winery and distillery licence for manufacture of C.I. other than toddy and cashew juice (Rule 41 and 85A).
  2. To manufacture I.M.F. Liquor (Rule 43)
  3. To tap palm trees (Rules 56(5)
  4. To bottle liquor (Rule 53)
  5. to blend coconut liquor (Rule 54)
  6. to manufacture palm liquor (Rule 65)
  7. to extract cashew juice (Rule 70)
  8. to select licences to manufacture cashew liquor (Rule 71)
  9. to manufacture cashew liquor (Rule 73)
  10. to set up modern distilleries to manufacture cashew liqour on scientific method (Notification No. Fin (Rev)/LAG/704/68(A) dated 5-4-1972.
  11. to manufature country liquor out of raw material other than cashew liqour and toddy (Rule 85 and 85A)
  12. to sell liquor (Rule 90 and 93)
  13. permit for private bonded warehouse (Rule 21)
  14. permit to possess industrial alcohol (Rule 37)
  15. permit to possess rectified spirit/absoulte alcohol (Rule 40)
  16. to establish distillery to manufacture rectified spirit/absoulte alcohol (Rule 52A)
  17. Permit to import/Export of Exsiceable article (Rule 5, 9 and 13)
  18. to procure raw material (Rule 38)
  19. to export liquor outside India (NOC)
  20. to move excisable articles within the State (Rule 19)
  21. to carry two bottles for personal consumption (Rule 19B)
  22. to import/export/transport molasses (NOC)
  23. to transport Custom Duty paid imported liquor from outside the State into the State (NOC)
  24. Permit to store duty paid liquor (Rule 97)
  25. Licence to manufacture Medicinal and Toilet preparations (Rule 83 of M. and T.P. Rules 1956)
  26. Licence for bonded warehouse for storage of dutiable goods.